Aether-Cactuar-Lav Beds-W23-P33
Open Fridays, 10 PM - 1 AM EST

We have some delectable drinks to quench your thirst

Gamba games to test your fortune with Lady Luck

Phenomenal performances by talented artists

Aether-Cactuar-Lav Beds-W23-P33

*These are the games offered at any given time

Player attempts to beat dealer's hand without going over 21
Bet amount: 50k-500k
Splits, Double Downs, and Pushes are all allowed

Player attempts to beat dealer at a Deathroll!
Bet amount: 50k-1M

Aether-Cactuar-Lav Beds-W23-P33

Bard Academy

Looking for some help in becoming a better bard? Monthly workshops available!